What is Graphic Design ?

What is graphic design?

Language is a limitation, a prison. Graphic design allows us to explore other spaces.” – Neville Brody.

Neville Brody, art director, author, and founder of renowned graphic representation studios, talks about the importance of design as a method of communication. For him, the limitation of words is transcended by discovering the limitless world that Graphic Design represents. It is a broad discipline that interacts with many others, such as advertising, illustration, and marketing. At the same time, it functions autonomously. For me, Graphic design represents the amalgam of communication methods par excellence. Graphic design is visual, inclusive, and global, breaking the language barrier.

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Diseño grafico, una herramienta de comunicación visual

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Why graphic design is important 

The importance of graphic design is not limited to adding beauty to an advertisement but also influences its effectiveness. It is critical to building brand awareness and helping potential customers make purchasing decisions. The way you present your company speaks volumes to your clientele. The better your design, the better your image.

Often, companies revise their design after they have finalized their logo. Whatever the reason, your company’s logo should be easy to recognize, and the company should have coherent communication.

What is graphic design?

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In which fields is Graphic Design present?

Nowadays, Graphic Design is present in several areas of everyday life, such as politics, economy, science, art, and culture, and there are still many more to come. 

However, we refer to graphic design services on the market. In that case, we can mention, for example, the planning, design, and creation of user interfaces and interiors, as well as books, stationery, business reports, guidance systems, posters, brochures, TV and film graphics, packaging, websites, or newspapers.

It goes without saying that Graphic Design

is the art of conveying visual messages that communicate much more than mere messages, including feelings, emotions, and sensations, allows customers to connect with the brand on a higher level. A message.

In this line, graphic design goes beyond the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content and includes intertwining those ideas and content with the brand’s values and beliefs.

Graphic design is the most effective method of communicating a clear and concise message to your target audience.

Photomontage: Graphic design much more than orange color and random typography

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The main objective of Graphic Design is everything that allows to publicize and advertise products, services, and brands.

However, I disagree with this. It is a brief and incomplete definition. A second, more accurate definition can be found in the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Design), which defines this discipline as:

“The set of visual messages that communicate a message .” Thus, its maxim is to achieve visual manifestations or messages. Its current boom is due to the significant expansion of visual messages through our various digital and technological devices.

Graphic design is also, according to the more traditional schools, “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.” 

Graphic design is an art and a profession related to many other disciplines and, at the same time, autonomous.  Many companies conceive of Graphic Design as incorporating images into their advertising. Visual marketing is a part of Graphic Design , but it is not everything.

Graphic design is a method of communicating with your target audience. It is an integral part of your digital marketing, where a graphic designer uses strategies to get customers to connect with your brand.

Graphic designers focus on the human being to generate a pleasant and satisfying user experience. Although a designer will immediately focus on the design’s visual appeal, their main focus will be usability.

Every design decision must have a purpose.

Branding & graphic design diseño grafico la importancia de tu marca

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Graphic design is visual communication.

The human brain processes images in a unique way. According to recent studies, we process images up to 60,000 times faster than text. In addition, 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is images. Hence the importance of a clear motif, which conveys a message in a practical but attractive way. 

n a broad sense, graphic design refers to two-dimensional, material, or virtual (digitally generated) surfaces, visual media, and information carriers through typography, image, color, and material. 

Likewise, graphic design visually represents language and thoughts and makes theoretical connections visible, legible, and communicable to a much wider target audience. 

With these facts, the importance of graphic design can no longer be ignored. Combining images with a compelling call to action has increased conversions and sales. 

Diseño grafico: qué es ?

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