The design of marketing materials is a powerful tool to promote your business and reach new customers. I offer to design customized brochures, posters, ads, and other marketing materials that reflect your brand’s identity. I would like to strategically use colors, typography, and visual elements to effectively and attractively convey your message, capturing the attention of your target audience.


What is the social media kit?

This set of graphic elements will allow you to maintain a consistent appearance on your social media profiles. It includes profile pictures, cover images, and templates for posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook. This way, you can maintain a professional and appealing presence on all your digital platforms.

Be the reference that sets the trend. 

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"Please, don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can email me, find me on any of my social media platforms, or call me to request any of my services."

Once I have gathered all your data and information about your project, I will send you a formal budget for you to review, accept, and make the corresponding initial payment.
During this stage, we will agree on the initial phases of the project. I aim to have all the necessary information to start effectively.
During these meetings, we will have the opportunity to review the elements I have developed for your brand. I would appreciate your suggestions and feedback, including the necessary changes to make sure you are delighted with the final result. Your satisfaction is my priority.

Once the work is completed, the final payment will be made, and I will send you the final files so you can implement the brand strategy we've developed and connect with your target audience. Also, I will gladly provide the necessary support if you need more training or instructions.


What Graphic Design is?

It is a discipline dedicated to creating compelling visual designs to communicate ideas and messages. It combines creativity and strategy to convey information clearly and attractively. In summary, graphic design is a powerful tool for presenting your brand professionally and achieving impactful visual communication.

The delivery time will depend on the logo's complexity and the client's feedback. A specific timeline will be agreed upon during the collaboration process, typically 1 to 4 weeks.

Upon the final delivery date and after the last payment has been made, the client will receive a compressed file via email containing the following items:

  •  High-resolution PNGs with transparent backgrounds corresponding to their brand image.
  •  High-resolution JPEGs corresponding to their brand image.
  •  If applicable, print-ready PDFs.
  •  A PDF document outlining brand usage recommendations to ensure optimal application.
  • Brand presentation in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Logo: A logo is a graphic symbol that represents a brand or company. It typically consists of a unique and recognizable design that identifies the organization. Logos generally incorporate visual and typographic elements. Example: Nike's logo features the famous "swoosh" and the brand name.

Isotype: An isotype is a visual symbol or icon representing a company or brand without including the brand's name. It is a visually recognizable element and is used to identify the organization. Example: Apple's isotype, which is a bitten apple.

Logotype: A logotype combines an isotype (graphic symbol) and the logotype (brand name) into a single visual unit. Both elements merge to form a unique representation of the brand. Example: Starbucks' logotype features a mermaid and the brand name.

Isologotype: An isologotype combines an isotype and a logotype integrated into a single form. Unlike a logotype, there is no clear separation between the visual elements and the brand name in an iso-logotype. Example: Adidas' iso-logotype, where the three stripes and the brand name are integrated.

Mascot: A mascot is an illustrated character or figure used to represent a brand, product, or service. Mascots often have personalities and are used to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Example: KFC's mascot, Colonel Sanders.

Illustrated Identity: Illustrated identity refers to using illustrated elements in a brand's visual identity. This involves incorporating illustrations as integral to logos, isotypes, brand images, and other related visual elements. Example: Dropbox's illustrated identity uses illustrations on its website and promotional materials.

During these meetings, we will have the opportunity to review the elements I have developed for your brand. I value your suggestions and feedback, including any necessary changes to ensure you are delighted with the outcome. Your satisfaction is my priority.

After the final presentation and the delivery of the final files, additional changes incur an additional cost of €45 per modified file. For example, if you decide to modify the logo design 72 hours after the final presentation, a fee of €45 will apply. Additionally, any changes to brand applications, such as business cards and social media profiles, would cost €45 per modified application. This policy ensures the quality and consistency of your brand. (Includes an audit).

The design applications included in the Pro and Premium packages are finished and ready to be used. You can enjoy them in various formats, such as business cards, posters, social media templates, and web banners. These elements will enable you to project a professional and consistent image in all your communications.

Audits are a vital process to understand your business and competition better. I will gather information about your values, goals, and brand identity during these sessions. In addition to assisting in making informed decisions, we will work together to convey the message you want to communicate effectively. I aim to provide you with a strong strategy and a standout brand image.

I will conduct a detailed project study before commencing the design as part of my commitment to quality. I will analyze your competition and strengths to ensure your brand design is unique and recognizable. Furthermore, I will ensure it is easily adaptable to various formats and maintain quality across all applications.

The social media set is one of the applications included in the premium option. This set of graphic elements allows you to maintain a consistent appearance across your social media profiles. It includes profile pictures, cover images, and templates for Instagram and Facebook posts and stories. This way, you can maintain a professional and attractive presence on all your digital platforms.