Scratch art Insects Illustration

“Men don’t stop playing because they get old; they get old because they stop playing.”

We all have an inner child that needs care and attention, no matter how old we are. Every age that we have lived is within us, consciousness and memory.The key to understanding why we are the way we are is in the inner child that we were. There we will find what makes us feel, think and act in a certain way, what motivates us to be ourselves every day.

Even as adults, sometimes we get carried away, enjoying and playing, and we believe that our childish side has come out as if it were something negative. However, it is easy to identify with this free, spontaneous, and curious part of us that likes to play, do not allow those external negative conceptions to limit your “childism.”The inner child embodies dreams, the desire to learn, curiosity, experiment, look at the world with hope, discover new experiences every day, and be moved by the magic of said discovery.

We all indeed have an inner child, whether we know it or not, but this one is not always cheerful and happy. It is our responsibility to take care of it and maintain it. To help you in this process, I have designed this Illustration of insects in Scratch-art style.Do you remember when you were younger, when everything was a discovery, and we enjoyed even the most daily experience? Do you remember how magical it was when we took some crayons, filled a page with colors, then painted black and…? Now the best thing came, with a toothpick or whatever you had at hand you were drawing, scratching the black paint and magically the colors and your drawing appeared!!!.

I have created this work to remember those emotions so common in childhood and so rare in adulthood. 

Treat yourself, and make your inner child happy.

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