Madrid: Brand design focused on using icons to pay tribute to the Spanish capital. In this work, I wanted to focus on the representation of the virtues of this city and its multiple environments.

This was a very personal project, the fruit of the nostalgia of living abroad, a design inspired by memories, songs, and poems, by the descriptions and stories that I told to my classmates, who could not quite understand what exactly was in Madrid that made up for hours in front of the monitor.

This design was an ode to my city because “from Madrid to heaven” is an understatement. Not even Leño, Sabina, Loquillo, Mecano, or Antonio Flores are enough with their songs and only one “Movida”was not enough.

My goal was to communicate all the virtues of Madrid, most visually and globally possible.

Madrid: Brand design is based on the establishment of three characteristics to highlight Madrid, being the chosen ones: Its variety of cultures, its active lifestyle, its always-in-movement, and its acceptance of alternative movements. Each of them was assigned an identifying color and its icon.

The branding was made with a trio of icons of the city’s emblematic buildings, a chromatic palette, and personalized typography.

Diseño branding Madrid
Madrid: Brand design
Madrid: Brand design
MADRID brand manual design