Illustration Será Posible

Ilustración de ballena en una jarra Digital art and illustration for your business

Have you ever been scolded for day dreaming?

Don’t worry; you’re doing it right. Fantasy and dreaming are essential functions of the brain. Humans have wandered for thousands of years, yet today we embrace haste as a lifestyle, leaving little time to allow our minds to wander. These new mores deprive us of access to our most potent capacity; creativity. When your mind can wander, it has access to memories, emotions, and random information from stored knowledge; daydreaming is how we access the big picture of our mental state. Allowing your mind to wander can lead you to more creative problem-solving.In dreamy moments you can visualize or stimulate your version of events. This new visualization can help us gain a new perspective on a problem or join two unconnected thoughts to arrive at an original idea. Giving your mind space will help it connect and solve your problems. And most importantly, remember to give yourself time and allow yourself to daydream, cultivate your inner power and let your creativity flourish. This is easier said than done, and you must remember that accepting your dreamy state of mind is almost revolutionary. Now I invite you to try it; imagine what if it were possible to alter the laws of physics, and what if we made the unthinkable come true? What if we could submerge a whale in a glass jar and take it with us wherever we go so we don’t forget to dream?my Illustration Será Posible can help you to achieve this goal. Do you dare to dream?

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