Illustration Mystical Beetle

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In a world where we live fast, we want everything immediately and focus on the more physical concepts of existence. We must stop, breath, and take a moment for ourselves. Get to know our inner self, soul, and spirit and, be aware of our inner power, find our magic and the happiness of the heart. From this reflection arises the collection of illustrations, “Mystical Spirit,” which has the function of helping me visualize my thoughts in more recognizable ways, allowing me to get to know myself better and highlight my inner magic. This work: Mystical Beetle, pays homage to beetles, creatures that, despite their small size and insignificant appearance, possess powerful energy and practical inner value. Historically, this animal was revered in ancient Egypt and had great mysticism as it was considered a solar symbol. Thus, he maintained a link with the powerful god Ra, the deity that bestowed life. Beetles have valuable lessons to teach us. In constancy and effort is the immense greatness of the Sun that will one day lead you to shine at the highest. Mystical Beetle is an illustration that reminds us that magic exists even in the most ordinary things in our lives and that it is in our hands to follow it… and find it.

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