Illustration Mystical Bee

Ilustración mystical bee Digital art and illustration for your business

In a world where we live fast and focus on the more physical concepts of existence, we must stop and take a moment for ourselves. Know our inner self, soul, and spirit and, be aware of our inner power, find our magic and the happiness of the heart.

From this reflection arises the collection of illustrations, “Mystical Spirit,” which has the function of helping me visualize my thoughts in more recognizable ways, allowing me to know myself better and highlight my inner magic.

Mystical Bee focuses my spirit on my world of work. Bees, although small, have powerful energy. The bee symbolizes order and prosperity, bellicose ardor, and courage. Order and prosperity are linked to the representation of the priestesses of various ancient cults and the pure soul of the initiates. Due to its divine transcendence and its earthly connection, it was taken with the attributes of kings, popes of the Church of Rome, and Napoleon himself.

The freemasons took from the bee the orderly and attentive behavior towards its queen and its hive mates and obedience and constancy. They are tireless collaborators with their brothers and do not cease their activity.

Mystical Bee is an illustration designed to make us aware of the magic within us and remind us that it is our job to work on it to inspire ourselves and find it.

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