Creating Sigel: A Designer’s Journey in Crafting the Perfect Travel Experience Brand for Norway”

Travel Experience. Unique brand design

Are you seeking a unique and authentic way to explore the beauty and culture of Norway?

You can look no further than Sigel, the premier travel experience brand I designed, inspired by ancient Viking navigation methods.

As a designer, I drew inspiration from the Viking’s Sunstone, a mystical crystal that Vikings used to navigate the open sea, to create a bold and unique brand that captures the essence of Norway and its culture. The name Sigel, meaning north in old Norwegian, reflects the brand’s focus on exploring the northern regions of Norway, from the rugged fjords to the vibrant cities.

My goal in creating Sigel was to provide travelers with an authentic and unforgettable experience. I wanted to showcase the beauty and diversity of Norway through carefully crafted travel experiences, from hiking through the stunning landscapes of the Lofoten Islands to experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Oslo.

At Sigel, travel should be more than just a destination; it should be a journey of discovery and transformation. That’s why I infused every aspect of the brand with creativity, passion, and innovation. My goal was to provide travelers with a truly unforgettable experience that connects them with the soul of Norway.

So why choose Sigel for your next travel adventure? Because it reflects my dedication to capturing the ancient wisdom and modern creativity that make Norway such a unique and special place. Book your next experience with Sigel and discover the magic of Norway for yourself.


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