Bold Branding design: El Festival de las Estrellas

A consistent and bold branding design is essential for your company’s success. “El festival de las Estrellas” pops out because it is a colorful and cheerful brand representing its services.

The FESTIVAL DE LAS ESTRELLAS was born to communicate culturally for the Community of Madrid. During the year’s four seasons, it will provide the people of Madrid and its visitors with a continuous current and quality program in the many municipalities that comprise it.

Theaters, auditoriums, houses of culture, exhibition halls, open-air venues, pavilions, and the street will be all stages we will share.

We will see the stars of art and culture, music, poetry, painting, and all the disciplines we can contribute to and that can be demanded of us.

Artists of all kinds, as if they were shooting stars, will cross the many paths of the Community to bring us moments of joy, beauty, and emotion.

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El festival de las estrellas” is a bold branding perfect example; it’s a brand full of color and personality. 

If you are curious about them and want to know more, you can find their webpage here