Tete Brage, Graphic Design & Illustration

Tete Brage, Graphic Design & Illustration


Hi, I’m Tete Brage. People often define me as creative, nerd, and even witchery. In the past, I used to worry a lot about the opinion of others, but over the years, I learned not to care. I was born in the USA, and although my family is Spanish, this allowed me to grow between the two cultures and learn from both.

I grew up surrounded by books, Disney movies, video games, and arts and crafts supplies. I decided to study Communication because it is an essential skill in human development. I wanted to complete my knowledge with a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design to learn how to create more visual and global communication.

Life has taught me to develop my ability to think outside the box and solve problems effectively and creatively.

I want to cultivate my inner world and transform it into solutions, shout my voice to the world, and make my creativity my way of Communication.

Custom social media Icon set design
Custom social media Icon set design
Custom social media Icon set design

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Cuscupireta, the name so sweet,
Brings magic and joy with every beat.

She paints a world so wild and free,
Filled with color and fantasy.
Her art is whimsical and bright,
A true delight to see in sight.

If you want your own world illustrated,
Let Cuscupireta’s skills be created.
From illusions to daydreams and more,
Her talent is something to adore.

So come and step into her land,
And let her take your vision by the hand.